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What to Bring to Your First Meeting With an Accounting Consulting Firm in Denver
December 13, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Brainstorming over paper

Preparing for your first meeting with an accounting consulting firm in Denver can seem overwhelming. You may feel like you need to bring every document you can get your hands on to the meeting and still worry you’ve forgotten or left something behind.

We've compiled a list of documents you should prepare for your first meeting so you won't feel left in the dark.

An overview of your business’ financials

When you meet with an accounting consultancy firm for the first time, you’ll be expected to provide a balance sheet and income statement for your business. The accountant should want to hear how you think the economics and tax laws have impacted your business. The accountant can then talk with you about where you might be able to make some changes and see savings as a result. This cost-saving exercise should also be recurring at each meeting that you have.

What documents do you need to prepare for your meeting with an accounting consulting firm?

You will need to prepare several documents to get started with an accounting consulting firm in Denver. However, when you work with KRD Tax & Consulting, you don’t need to worry about bringing in a mountain of paperwork with you to your first meeting. We use a secure portal on our website powered by Thomson Reuters (Onvio) that lets you upload and share all of the necessary paperwork you will need to get started.

Some documents that you will likely need to upload to our portal would include:

Bank statements

This one may seem pretty straightforward, but you should take statements for all your business accounts for the whole year. You may just have one main business account or a deposit or reserve account that needs to be declared to your accountant. It’s also vital that you bring along any check or paying-in books that you use.

Loan statements

Your new accounting consultancy firm will need to know the closing balance at your yearend date for any loans. It may be challenging to get these from the bank, but any interest you pay is a tax-deductible expense, so it’s worth getting hold of.

Credit card statements

Whether you have a separate business credit card or use your personal one for business purchases, this will need to be made clear to your accountant by bringing in any necessary statements or loading them to a portal.

Financial agreements

You will want to upload any documents for any new financial agreements you’ve recently made, including a new hire purchase. Repayment interest is another tax-deductible expense and not declaring a new agreement could significantly increase your tax bill.

Payroll records

You should load documents about each month’s payroll so your accountant can reconcile the net payments your employees receive or provide payroll portal access.

Invoice and expense receipts

You must upload any records pertaining to invoices and expenses to your accounting consulting firm. You should also keep track of any petty cash payments so your accountant can reconcile them.

Bank interest details

Be sure to upload or provide details on any bank interest made throughout the year. Don’t forget to include any interest you’ve earned from your business or personal savings account, as failing to declare this can come back to haunt you.

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