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Tax Strategies from Small Business Accounting Services
January 31, 2022 at 9:30 PM
Image of the desk of a small business accounting service.

Visceral tax-season dread afflicts small business owners universally. But it’s avoidable. When you work with a small business accounting service, you no longer have to sink hours of valuable time into preparing your company’s taxes. The accounting professionals at KRD Tax & Consulting can take over the burden of tax preparation and help you develop year-round tax strategies. Tax season catches many small businesses––especially when they’re new––unprepared. Instead of scrambling last-minute to organize paperwork and filings, you can optimize your seasonal and yearly operations. A year-round strategy will ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of frequently changing tax regulations.

Here are year-round tax strategies recommended by small business accounting services.

Learn the tax credits for which your business qualifies

One of the significant issues with bringing in a tax professional to handle filing is that they can’t get to know your business during a short (and hectic) time. When you work with a tax professional year-round, they’ll get to know your business and your qualifications for certain tax credits.

Working with a tax professional at KRD Tax & Conuslting year-round, you’ll structure your business growth to maximize future tax credits. This strategy provides greater security for your future and ensures greater flexibility for your cash flow in the future.

Lower your tax rate

Every business wants to lower its tax rate, but to do so in the most beneficial way for your business requires careful timing. It’s not something that can happen when you only call in tax professionals to file.

Small business accounting services perform ongoing financial analyses to track revenue projections that will allow you to take advantage of more deductions. Rather than missing opportunities or getting caught unprepared by taxes, you’ll have data-driven forecasts for future earnings.

Optimize cash flow planning

Many businesses struggle with controlling cash flow. There’s a careful balance between having enough to cover expenses while taking advantage of surplus to make wise investments. Understanding cash flow projections requires keeping careful track of your company’s financials in relation to the big picture of your company’s future.

A small business accounting service has years of experience helping businesses in your industry. It can give you guidance with the benefit of hindsight.

Use bonuses and retirement benefits

Bonuses and benefits reward employees for their hard work and attract top talent to your enterprise. Plus, they’re an essential component of a year-round tax strategy.

Work with tax professionals to optimize the tax deductions you get from employee bonuses, and retirement accounts for your staff.

Learn how to use tax software

Working with a small business accounting service is the best way to optimize your year-round tax strategy. But as a business owner, the more informed you are about the financials and projections for your company, the better the in-the-moment decisions you can make.

Work with a professional to learn QuickBooks and other tax software, so you have a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of your company’s financials. You’ll feel more in control and won’t have to experience the yearly dread of tax season ever again.

KRD Tax & Consulting helps small businesses with accounting services for year-round tax strategies.

At KRD Tax & Consulting, we dedicate our years of experience to being Denver’s one-stop accounting and bookkeeping service. We get to know our clients, their needs, and their business goals. Then, we customize our range of financial services to help them achieve their goals. Get comprehensive, experienced help from outsourcing payroll and preparing for tax season to growing their business and learning QuickBooks for themselves.

Whatever your company’s goals, KRD Tax & Consulting can help with our experienced, customized small business accounting services.