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4 questions to ask before hiring a small business consultant
January 4, 2021 at 8:00 AM
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As the owner of a small business, sometimes it helps to get feedback from someone outside of your organization to help you level up your operations. After all, all the time you spend working in your business can blind you from seeing things that are obvious to an outsider.

That’s where a small business consultant comes in. Not only can they offer additional insights in how to grow your business, they can offer you the tools and resources you need to do so.

But before you do, you’ll need to find the best consultant for your company’s unique set of needs. Here are four questions you should ask a Denver small business consultant before you hire them.

1. What objectives can you help my business accomplish?

Just like any business owner and any employee, a great small business consultant specializes in one or more areas, whether it’s marketing, new business planning, systems implementation, or something else entirely.

It’s important to know what expertise you’re looking for and what areas your consultant specializes in so you can determine whether or not they’re a good fit for your needs. Look for someone with experience that you and your leadership don’t have, so they can provide you with a unique point of view as well.

2. Do you have experience in our industry?

You’ll want to find someone with several years of experience in your industry, of course, but it may prove helpful if your consultant also has experience in industries that are vastly different from yours as well. You may discover that they bring fresh new ideas that your competitors may not have thought of yet.

However, one thing that they must have is experience with your specific business type, whether it’s B2B, B2C, or B2I. Otherwise, they will have trouble adapting their knowledge to fit your goals and objectives.

3. What is your process like?

While processes will look somewhat different between consultants, a reliable one will be able to provide you with their work strategy and the repeatable processes they follow to achieve great results.

You’ll also want to find someone who understands the importance of collaboration, communication, and working in tandem with you to achieve your business goals, rather than working completely independently.

4. What are your payment terms and structure?

A trustworthy small business consultant should be able to give you an exact quote for their work, or at least an estimate of what to expect, so you can see if their services fit within your budget and plan accordingly.

Many consultants will either ask for a portion of their fees upfront and the rest when the work is completed, or they may ask for the full fee when you sign the contract.

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