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Property Services

Client by Client Profitablilty Analysis
Property Services and Maintenance

Client Needs:

  • Data implementation and integration for job costing
  • Understanding break-even
  • Accountabilty from employees

Our Approach
Summary & Strategies we implemented

Time and time again, these property service and maintenance companies have problems identifying whether they make enough per each of their own clients or not. This is my specialty. We dissect the earnings per client to derive a gross profit. We make sure each of their clients can cover a percentage of the overhead as well. Advising upon the correct increase in gross revenue is a delicate line to walk. We have to be within the market rate ranges or be able to justify superior services for the pricing.

Property services team was compiling and noting 90% of information and data to send to an accounting team to build financial statements. KRD Tax & Consulting trained this team how to use an accounting software and build their own financial statements. This staff team only increased their duties by about 10 hours per month and resulted in saving the company $80,000 per year thereafter.

Company had employees constantly taking money out of the corporations account to fund their personal expenses. We caught this issue and brought it to the C level executive team. The end result was the corporation being paid back $130,000 in funds from the employees future pay-checks.

Accounts receivable was constantly being written off and revenues forgotten to be invoiced. The resolution ended in creating a memorized event in the accounting system so that all revenues were never forgotten and never sent out to clients late. Bad debts diminished over-time to a mere .0001% of gross revenue. Revenue also increased immediately just because there was never forgotten billings to clients.

  • Profit Analysis

    We analyzed earnings per client to derive an individual gross profit and advised the company on increasing gross revenue.

  • Opitmized Business Processes

    We trained the accounting team on building in-house financial statements, saving the company $80,000 on a yearly basis.

  • Identified Discrepancies in Spending