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Manufacturing System Enhancements
Local Manufacturing Company

Client Needs:

  • Staff accountant was retiring and they needed partial accounting services
  • They didn't know what they didn't know
  • Train existing staff on inventory calculations
  • Train existing staff and owners on how to read and understand various financial statements
  • Train staff on how to forecast cash-flows

Our Approach
Summary and Strategies we implemented

The manufacturing company was paying about $700/month for proprietary banking services. I coached the owner and showed how to negotiate the fees down to $300/month.

Data was not centralized in any fashion. There was a computer dedicated to storing different functional information. One computer to store all e-mails for one e-mail address, another for another e-mail address, the other computers for inventory software, and finally another computer for printing orders. We centralized the data by first backing up all e-mails from local computers, porting a domain, creating actual domain e-mail addresses that match the company name, then importing all archived e-mails to a cloud hosted environment. Now all e-mails were accessible anywhere on any device. I know what you are saying, "How could this be so archaic?" It sitll exists and we can help. Further, we set-up a special system designed for this environment to centralize all the data from the many different computers they had stored data on locally. This special system created conveniences that the team recognized as saving hours of time from jumping around to different work stations for different functions.

A pain-point the company dealt with was printing orders from e-mails that were sent from clients in a paper form. These forms were printed and then copied to send to another function of the company to create the order. We automated this process and implemented high speed scanners. All orders that came in the physical mail had to be scanned and sent to the next automated step. As we used Microsoft flows to automate parts of the ordering process, a new shopping cart website with multi-language selection was being built.

After studying their revenue streams for the past decade; there was a clear indication that revenue has not increased in about 10 years. We put together a plan to make a new website, the driving force, to bring in new revenues from around the world. We also suggested hiring a commission salesperson in Detroit to facilitate deals and communication between automakers and special parts needed. There are many new electric car builds up an coming that they should have a relationshiop with.

  • Business Process Analysis
    Our first step was understanding the processes required for this buiness to be at maximum functionality.