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Can a Broomfield CPA Provide Strategic Business Planning?
September 13, 2022 at 6:00 PM

You probably know the main reasons why a business would seek out a Broomfield CPA. But did you know we also provide a host of other services to our clients? One of the lesser-known benefits we provide is strategic business planning.

In this post, we discuss how strategic business planning from KRD Tax & Consulting can help your Broomfield business. Take a look at how these services can bring your operations to a new level.

Planning as a Process

From initial planning to growth projections, businesses undergo multiple phases in their lifetime. Strategic planning can provide streamlined advising services to assess, evaluate, and improve business operations at every phase.

Initial steps include establishing a business plan and identifying the best route for your startup finances and budget. CPA firms understand the best strategies to take advantage of potential tax breaks or other incentives.

Ongoing Management

Ongoing strategizing from a Broomfield CPA at KRD Tax & Consulting can also help to maximize your earnings in several different ways. Here’s what we can help you with.

Assess Current Business Plan

We can help you go over all your key analytics to understand where your business is at and how it is doing. This includes elements like comparing performance year-over-year, relating your business to local competitors, and evaluating your current position versus your plans and projections.

Adjust Based on Market Conditions

Conditions for any business area can change very quickly. And these changes can have an immediate impact on your earning potential.

We can help you identify pain points or areas of improvement in your business plan and operational model. From there, we will help you reassess to better align with market conditions and your business objectives.

Explore New Earning Opportunities

CPA consulting can also help businesses invest their money for improved return potential. Money markets, bonds, and other areas can amplify your business performance. We can use our knowledge and experience of these markets to make the best possible recommendations for you.

What a Strategic Plan Looks Like

Generally speaking, when we first help businesses develop a strategic business plan, we’ll take you through the following steps:

1. Customer/Client Profiling

We work with your initial startup plans to develop a target customer or client profile. This will help to adjust the rest of your business to connect to them.

2. Marketing Strategy

Full campaign strategies are developed based on your unique value proposition (UVP) and your target customer profile. This includes finding the best avenues for advertising spending and identifying an appropriate budget.

3. Staffing

Staffing plans can set up the initial essential staffing when you are first getting started. We can also show you how to effectively scale staff as your business grows.

4. Management Plans

We can show you full management plans based on your business with all the critical skills required to build, establish, and grow your business.

5. Financial Plans

Full financial planning is our specialty. We'll get you the details on your startup costs. From there, we'll help you identify key areas like projected earnings, budgeting, revenue expectations, and more.

Financial and Business Planning for You

As you can see, a CPA can provide so much more than tax and financial information. Here at KRD Tax & Consulting, we believe in providing the best in service for small to medium businesses.

Our full range of options gives you everything you’ll need to confidently launch your startup business. And we’ll stick with you for ongoing strategizing, financial planning, and more.

If you need a Broomfield CPA with a specialty in business strategy and planning, our team is ready to help you. Get in touch with KRD Tax & Consulting today for more information on how to get started.