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Business Automation Services Most Small Companies Miss
August 11, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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Have you missed out on automation opportunities for your business? Well, you’re likely not alone. The purpose of automation is to automatically accomplish tasks that you and your employees would otherwise do yourselves.

Over the last two years, nearly 80% of top-performing companies have used marketing automation. But automation isn’t just reserved for big corporations. Small businesses should use automation services in every aspect of business, too — from capturing leads to routine tasks.

We’ll explain four things every small business should automate and how easy it can be.

1. Automate your contact us page

If you have the phone number or email address of your business listed on your website, you may be overwhelmed with several emails or calls waiting for a reply. And when it comes to potential clients, responding days later isn’t an option.

With automation software, you can respond immediately every time — increasing the chances that your potential lead will stick around to speak with you. Instead of responding to emails or voicemails, add a “contact us” form to your website. Using client management software will allow you to respond immediately to all inquiries with a prewritten template.

Your potential clients will be impressed with your customer service and that you didn’t disappear or forget to reply to their inquiries.

2. Automate your company calls

Are you in a constant game of phone tag with your clients? If the answer is yes, you may be losing potential business. Keep a better score of your phone calls by establishing an automated process for phone calls.

With automation software, you can note in the system that you left a message for a client. This can trigger an automatic email response to the potential client you tried to follow up with. The software will then remind you to make the call tomorrow, as promised, with no post-it notes or reminders needed.

3. Offer free content through an automated process

You may offer the most brilliant product or services worldwide, but don’t expect clients to invite you to their email inbox. The average person receives dozens of business emails a day.

Offering free content is a great way to get your business in front of potential clients. This could be anything like an ebook, PDF, video, or other types of resources you could give for free to those who sign up for your emails. You gain new leads for your business and give something to your client base.

Instead of manually mailing resources to potential clients, automate the process. All you need to do is add a web form to your site that allows people to enter their names and email address in exchange for the free resource.

4. Set up automation for your sales pipeline

Turning a prospect into a client involves quite a few stops. Adding automation to the journey will help your sales representatives guide prospects from one destination to the next, ensuring no one gets lost.

Automation software can organize the existing process that sales reps use to close the deal.

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