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Tips from a business advisory consultant: how to think holistically about your business
February 3, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Manager explains

Holistic approaches to health have been around since Hippocrates. The concept of a holistic approach to business is fairly new, though it is rapidly increasing in popularity among companies around the world.

What is a holistic approach to business?

A holistic approach to business is a strategy for connecting every department in an organization to help them work together as one cohesive team. In a holistic organization, all employees work together to achieve the same overarching goal. Companies such as Apple, Heineken, and Nike have adopted holistic approaches and seen substantial growth as a result.

It doesn’t mean breaking down walls or eliminating titles and merging the whole company into one department. It means analyzing how each department and employee fits together as a complete system. It means all employees understand exactly how their work benefits the company as a whole, aligning employees with a shared purpose, and inviting and encouraging all employees to express themselves and share ideas.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of viewing your organization as a whole interconnected entity are manyfold. First, and perhaps most importantly, it allows you to identify challenges and growth opportunities: which employees or departments are operating effectively and efficiently and which need to improve. This will help streamline operations and ensure that the company is running at its full potential.

A holistic approach also empowers employees. Employees who understand exactly how their work contributes to the company’s goals feel more valued and are more motivated to do their job well, increasing productivity and morale. This, in turn, improves employee retention. Additionally, it broadens the knowledge scope of each employee, increasing overall competency and versatility of skills.

It can even strengthen branding. When every employee understands and works to promote the same brand vision, not only will it come through in their work, they will also embody that vision and mission outside of work.

How can I implement a holistic approach?

Research how other companies in your sector have adopted a holistic approach. Query employees about their perspectives on how the business can improve. Employees who feel valued and listened to will be much more likely to take the journey with you.

Have meetings with all staff, not just department heads. This eliminates the chasm between management and employees, and makes employees feel included and important and ensures that all teams are on the same page. Include team-building activities to strengthen interdepartmental bonds. Hold open discussions regarding short and long-term goals and strategies for achieving them.

Review your company mission statement. Is it stuffy corporate jargon? Make sure the mission statement is easy to understand, easily applicable to real situations and problems, and that it resonates with employees. In addition, each department or team’s key performance indicators (KPI) should be easily traceable back to the mission statement.

Use technology to create a symbiotic workflow that brings departments together and increases interdepartmental communication and collaboration. Especially with increased work-from-home scenarios, your internal systems may be the backbone of your company. Make sure it assists and promotes your vision, and make sure all messaging is clear and consistent and always aligns with the mission.

How can a business advisory consultant help?

Many businesses bring in outside help for a fresh perspective. A business advisory consultant can provide unbiased views of the entire organization. They can assist managers in determining strategies for connecting departments into a cohesive, homogenous whole. A consultant can also help improve the communication process throughout the organization and improve the way managers communicate with employees and promote organizational goals. It also shows employees that the company is committed to implementing the new approach.

Our knowledgeable team of business consultants at KRD Tax & Consulting can assist your company in adopting a holistic approach to your business operations. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your business.