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Tips from an Accounting Firm in Denver: How to Modernize Your Business

Your business performance is heavily influenced by how far you’re integrating and leveraging modern systems. Similarly, your customers or clients expect you to offer them the convenience that today’s innovative technologies offer.

In other words, you have to modernize. As a broadly capable accounting firm in Denver, our customers have consulted with us as they took this journey in their businesses.

In each case, modernization has yielded critical performance and revenue benefits. Do you wish to modernize your business too?

Take these tips from us, KRD Tax & Consulting.

Enable digital contract signing

Electronic signing has gone from a futuristic gimmick to a convenience customers appreciate. By making it part of the experience of working with you, you can reach agreements and close deals faster. This is a far cry from the now apparent inefficiency of printing, signing, and faxing or mailing.

On your end, it makes business management smoother. It’s easier to organize contracts when they’re in electronic form, without you having to convert them. And you receive them faster and start serving customers sooner.

This is also a business upgrade that removes friction and makes the conversion earlier.

It also displays that your business is modern, an impression that, alone, often sways today’s customer from one business to a competitor.

You can take a leap further and enable online invoice payment, making it faster and easier for customers to do business with you.

Leverage communication across business tools

Advancements like APIs (application programming interfaces) facilitate communication between the various platforms you use within your business. For instance, your sales enablement platform can share data with customer service resources and vice versa.

Different departments of your business are thus more equipped for their roles as they tap your organization’s collective data.

This application-to-application performance has benefits that are even more pronounced at a business management level. For instance, your business management software can communicate with your ERP (enterprise resource planning software) and your QuickBooks or Xero, heavily streamlining your accounting.

The easy accessibility and transfer of data between your platforms have benefits that extend beyond having faster and more integrated business practices. The insights you gather from your data expose opportunities and shape your perspective.

They make problem-solving easier, for one. And they provide greater accuracy for your financial projections, providing high-level visibility into your company’s performance and bottlenecks to eliminate.

And you get the data needed for analyses like job costing, showing you which clients or projects are most profitable, and which have limited earnings.

Indeed, communication among your critical tools influences your strategic direction.

Reach and nurture customers with a CRM platform

Before businesses upgrade to a CRM (customer relationship management) platform, reaching and engaging customers is often time-consuming, uncertain, and low-yielding.

You or your salespersons need to identify leads, then nurture them and continue to keep them engaged, all throughout the customer journey.

Having a CRM platform changes this drastically. You maintain an overview of where each customer is in the customer journey, and you develop the ability to engage with personalized material.

Customers appreciate this as a refreshing departure from mass distributed communications. More importantly, they receive the precise information and approach needed to demonstrate your business’ unique value.

As far as modernizing your business, this route offers exceptionally quick noticeable returns.

Modernize your business and boost profitability with guidance from our accounting firm in Denver

KRD Tax & Consulting works with businesses from Denver, Broomfield, and Lakewood to Castle Rock and Colorado Springs. Our accounting services fall within our wider range of consulting and implementation services that help businesses achieve new efficiencies and tap new revenue opportunities.

Business moderation is at the core of what we do. Take your business into the next of its growth and beyond with today’s leading technologies, with expert guidance on tap guidance all the way. Schedule a call with a member of our team to get started.