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  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
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    • Classify daily transactions
    • Reconcile cash and credit card accounts
    • Track bills and client invoices


    • Ensure balance sheet account accuracy
    • Properly allocate principal and interest on loan balances
    • Close out accounts correctly and ensure the accuracy of equity data
    • Ensure compliance with GAAP or Book basis accounting rules and regulations

    Technology continues to create new opportunities for efficiencies. Bookkeeping software can link to systems like employee time keeping, accounts payable, budgeting, task management, and billing. If you’re not fully automated in these areas, we’ll identify and implement industry-specific or general technology solutions to take advantage of these opportunities.

    Few companies take full advantage of accounting data. But if you know what you’re looking for and where to look, financial reports provide a wealth of information. For example:

    • Why are some of your accounts profitable and others not?
    • Are you overspending on processes you should outsource instead?

    The answers to questions like these are in your data, and we’ll bring them to the surface.

    Accounting can and should help drive marketing, business development, capital investment, human resource, and decisions in many other strategic areas. If you’re not getting this type of actionable intelligence from your data, we can help.

  • Business Advisory
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    Through our interaction with you on financial and management matters, we’ll learn a lot about you. We’ll observe your business operations and the work of your key people. We’ll develop insights into your processes, goals, priorities, culture, strengths, and weaknesses. Inevitably, we’ll see opportunities for operational improvements.

    Not many accounting or tax firms have the business savvy and passion for innovative, value-added business processes that we share at KRD. We want you to succeed, and we’re in a unique position to identify opportunities to help you do that.

    We develop processes and procedures to:

    • Save time
    • Reduce overhead costs
    • Increase profitability
    • Reduce stress
    • Automate processes
    • Free up managerial resources

    We don’t just make recommendations. We’ll implement the solution, whether it involves installing IT systems and software, training employees, or simply holding you accountable to take the steps we’ve all agreed on.

    Business owners want to improve their companies, but often they don’t have the IT, systems management, and other critical skill sets necessary to explore and implement change. Too often strategic plans sit on the shelf for that very reason.

    Here are some accounts of business advisory work we’ve done for key clients over the last decade. In each instance, we not only identified challenges, we developed creative solutions and led the effort to implement them.

  • Tax Planning & Preparation
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    More Than Crunching Numbers.

    Filing taxes is not typically exciting to small business owners, possibly even something you dread. Additionally, tax laws are complex, and small, easy to miss details can be crucial to your bottom line.

    Choose us as your tax services provider and gain a partner that is truly passionate about tax planning and preparation. In addition to providing error free tax filing, taking full advantage of the tax laws and finding ways to boost your revenue is one of our favorite things to do.

    Through reviewing your unique financial data and having in depth conversations with you and key employees about your company, we’ll suggest ways to reach your goals and achieve objectives that will trigger the least tax liability and improve your bottom line.

    For example, we’ll guide you on the following:

    • The ideal timing for buying new equipment
    • How to structure the entity for tax (as opposed to legal) considerations
    • Whether and how to defer taxes

    Contact us today at (720) 524-4063 to learn more about how we can help your business.

  • Strategic business planning
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    Take the guesswork out of important financial decisions and strategic business planning.

    In short, hiring us to serve as your Chief Financial Officer will take your business to the next level. Our expertise in business strategy will help you improve budgeting, cash-flow, better manage investors and create strong financing strategies. Additionally, we can advise you on how to spend your money wisely, so you’ll make the most profits.

    Most small to medium sized businesses do not need a full time Chief Financial Officer. That permanent role comes at a high salary and the return on your investment may not make it worthwhile. However, there are key times when this expertise impacts a small business, which can end up saving you money.

    Many of our clients start working with us for tax planning and bookkeeping, but having the ability for us to serve in this role makes us truly an all in one financial solution.

    Business Model Improvement:

    We will take a deep dive into your everyday tasks to ensure that you’re operating in the most efficient way possible. In only a short engagement, we can make actionable recommendations to set you on an immediate course for improving your business.

    Financial and Strategic Planning:

    Whether you are just starting out or have been in business 20 years, we will ensure that your business is on the right course for profitability. Some examples of what we do for our customers:

    Existing business

    • Forecast cash flow so you’ll have more confidence on where you’ll be in a year, five years
    • Set benchmarks and goals for you to better review performance
    • Evaluate employees to ensure that you have the right number of people on board
    • Show you if you’re charging the right fees for your products to balance out your material or salary costs
    • Obtaining outside financing, if needed
    • Implementing and employing the correct software systems to free up time and streamline processes and procedures
    • Job costing and analysis. Find out which of your clients need adjustments for increasing revenues
    • Exit planning

    New Business: all the above, and more.

    • Business plan creation
    • Determine market positions and competitive advantages
    • Project startup capital requirements
    • Decide on the optimal legal structure to optimize control, liability exposure, taxation, and ease
    • Get feedback on your products and services pricing
    • Discover how many employees you will need to put it all together

    The list goes on:

    We can assist you in creating budgets, training staff, day to day cash management review, loan negotiations, review and recommendations of accounting systems and even prepare rich, financial statements that you can use to review your business’ performance. Really, value needed information. Contact us today at (720) 524-4063 so we can start getting to know you and your business.

  • Personal financial planning
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    Building your wealth and planning for the future requires a careful touch and a dedication to the tiny details. Handing this off to someone else might feel like putting your financial future at risk. Trust our seasoned accounting professionals to provide you with the one-on-one attention you need to carefully plan for the future. We'll help you with a variety of financial goals, including retirement, paying for your child's education, achieving your investment goals, and much more!

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